The Department of Utilities consists of a number of divisions which provide a broad range of services to the public, including:


Solid Waste:

Collection of Curb Side Residential trash collection

Collection of Commercial trash collection

Collection of Single Stream Recyclables

Collection of Bulk Items

Responsible for Street Sweeping

2020 Holiday Sanitation Collection Schedule

The Utilities Department has scheduled collection dates for pick up after a holiday. Recycling will be picked up on Wednesday and is not scheduled to change.


Recycling Program is Voluntary and you need to sign up.

2020 Recycling Schedule

Utilities – Water and Sewer

The City of Brooksville, Utilities Department is comprised of a hard working group of skilled individuals whose goal is to keep your water flowing; from tap to drain.  Maintenance, repairs and replacement of miles of underground piping and infrastructure are a constant challenge, of a city whose age exceeds well over 100 years.  That same history and small town charm continues to attract new residential and commercial growth, keeping utilities personnel busy taking care of your water and sewer needs.

Did you Know? It might be noted, that in 2015 the City of Brooksville was judged by the Florida Rural Water Association, to have the best tasting water in the State of Florida. The City of Brooksville has some of the best tasing water in Florida!  In 2015, The Florida Rural Water Association awarded the City of Brooksville as having the Best Tasting Water in Florida!  Stop by and take a sip! City Hall is open Monday thru Friday, 8a - 5p. We'd be glad to pour you up a glass!